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Moving Average indicator techniques
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Speaking of entry techniques (open position), there have been many instructions on the trading signals. However, entry techniques alone are not enough if they are not supported by exit strategies. That is, after we open a position, we also have to measure at what price level the position will close. Therefore, here are guidelines for successfully achieving the Take Profit target with a popular and simple indicator, the Moving Average.
successfully achieve take profit with the moving average
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Entry Methods With a Moving Average Indicator
Yes, before getting a profit, we have to open a first position based on the trading signal from some of the following Moving Average indicator techniques:
1. Crossover technique
This technique is an entry method with the simplest, most popular Moving Average (MA) Indicator. In short, a trading signal will appear when there is an intersection between one MA line with another MA line. This method can be used on any pair and timeframe, but ideally, the trading signal is most accurate in trending market conditions.
Unfortunately, the crossover technique is lagging because it depends entirely on the intersection of MA lines. So, trading signals are usually triggered only a moment after the price has moved away, as a result you can be late to open a position.
2. Bladerunner technique
This technique is called "Bladerunner" because the Moving Average line moves to cut the price bar chart into two parts. The trading signal appears when the price moves away from the EMA line in period 20 then tests the price limit again. After the price tests the limit, chances are that the price will move back to continue the previous trend.]
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3. Envelope technique
The envelope technique is also known as MA Envelope as one of the default indicators of MT4. At a Glance MA Envelope looks like a Bollinger Bands indicator display, where two Moving Average lines are paired parallel to one MA line.
MA Envelope indicators can provide traders instructions for entry when prices start touching the outer MA line (blue MA line). Simply put, the opportunity to buy or sell appears when the candlestick touches the outer ring line, just like trading signals with Bollinger Bands.